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David Hunter comments across broadcast and print media

News | Schneider Electric discuss winter energy capacity margins on the BBC | Posted 08.10.2013

David Hunter says we need more investment in new power stations

News | Media interest remains strong | Posted 30.09.2013

David Hunter gives analysis, and discusses the implications, of the recent political announcements on energy

News | Schneider Electric comment on BBC news story regarding the Sussex ‘fracking’ story | Posted 16.08.2013

Discussing the risks and possible opportunities with 'fracking'

News | BBC News Channel weighs up pros & cons of fracking with Schneider Electric | Posted 05.08.2013

David Hunter explains the difficult choices and options facing the UK.

News | BBC’s money saving expert asks Schneider Electric to decode energy tariffs | Posted 01.08.2013

David Hunter explains that innovative energy tariffs can drive behaviour change and cut costs

News | Two days global media coverage for Schneider Electric Professional Services | Posted 30.07.2013

David Hunter suggests OFGEM could do more, and BP are not clear of Deepwater Horizon oilspill consequences.

News | Schneider Electric discusses UK shale gas exploration incentives on the BBC | Posted 19.07.2013

Schneider Electric asked to comment on the recent government announcement of tax breaks for shale gas development.

News | Schneider Electric asked to comment on Npower’s UK energy bills forecast | Posted 18.07.2013

David Hunter suggests report selective in its viewpoint

News | Schneider Electric take two major awards as voted best consultancy in the business | Posted 28.06.2013

It’s official – we are the Consultancy of the Year and give the best advice in the energy market.

News | Schneider Electric talk to BBC about SSE profits | Posted 22.05.2013

David Hunter says we really need to look at whole value chain

News | Schneider Electric comments on the EU investigation into possible oil price discrepancies | Posted 15.05.2013

David Hunter explains how oil market trading works and the role of the price reporting agencies

News | BBC ask us to comment on energy trilemma following nuclear negotiations | Posted 24.04.2013

David Hunter explains the strike price negotiations implications

News | David Hunter speaks to BBC Radio 5 Live about the collapse of Scottish Coal | Posted 22.04.2013

Schneider Electric’s contribution was focussed around the reasons for Scottish Coal’s problems, which are rooted in global energy markets and trends.

News | BBC ask Schneider Electric to comment on importance of the energy sector to the UK economy | Posted 18.04.2013

David Hunter analyses the impact of new jobs in the sector

Events | Paris Energy Seminar | Posted 12.04.2013

See the agenda for the Paris energy seminar

News | We set scene for BBC as UK oil strategy launched | Posted 28.03.2013

David Hunter discusses North Sea issues and markets

News | BBC turn to Schneider Electric Professional Services for comment | Posted 27.03.2013

David Hunter highlights the issues facing supplies and the policy surrounding the industry

Events | Free Utilities Seminar - London 3 April 2013 | Posted 01.03.2013

Take advantage of our free seminar by joining us on 3 April 2013 in London to discuss the energy and water markets and the challenges you can face within these ever changing markets.

News | Schneider Electric Professional Services busy on media front | Posted 28.02.2013

As Centrica profits rise, David Hunter explains the context

News | February frenzy of media appearances | Posted 25.02.2013

Array of energy issues covered in multiple appearances

News | M&C becomes part of Schneider Electric | Posted 31.01.2013

Even wider range of integrated energy services can now be offered

Events | “Utilities In The Public Sector – Understanding The Markets & Recovering Costs”  Free Webinar | Posted 15.01.2013

M&C Energy Group, part of Schneider Electric, is hosting a webinar to discuss the Framework available for the recovery of over-payments by customers due to errors in utility billing. Rachel Webb, from HealthTrust Europe, will give an introduction to the Framework with the experts from Schneider Electric outlining the opportunities available to return money to your bottom line.

News | M&C comment on North Sea oil and gas prospects | Posted 10.01.2013

M&C tell BBC global oil prices will remain volatile and the days of cheap energy are gone

News | M&C on hand to help Northern Irish industry at Energy Forum | Posted 21.12.2012

MNI members can have meeting with new M&C country manager for Ireland, Kevin Melville

News | M&C talk shale gas on UK national TV and radio | Posted 18.12.2012

Possible boom on back of resumption of shale gas extraction

News | M&C Scoop Two Major Awards for Excellence in Energy Management | Posted 12.12.2012

Excellence and ability to repeat the solutions recognised by judges

News | M&C comment on the Energy Bill for the BBC | Posted 29.11.2012

David Hunter explains Government's difficult balancing act to keep the lights on

News | M&C tell BBC Radio 2 listeners that Energy Bill does not provide certainty | Posted 26.11.2012

Lack of 2030 carbon target hampers investment decisions

News | M&C invited on BBC News Channel again | Posted 20.11.2012

Until further changes new entrants won't be able to compete in retail energy market

News | M&C discuss BP on BBC’s Today programme | Posted 16.11.2012

The ramifications of the settlement are discussed

News | As gas price-fixing probe launched, media flock to M&C for comment | Posted 13.11.2012

David Hunter comments as Energy Secretary Ed Davey addresses parliament and regulators launch investigation.

News | It’s a small world! | Posted 23.10.2012

Comments on Rosneft TNK-BP deal picked up worldwide

News | M&C CEO joins big UK energy debate | Posted 17.09.2012

CEO says domestic users influence ballot box but industrial users consume more energy

News | M&C CEO looks at the uncertain energy market | Posted 17.09.2012

Mark Dickinson says any Government drive has to give certainty and needs to have longevity to encourage the investment environment

News | The world hears M&C | Posted 28.08.2012

Discussion on Cairn Energy

News | M&C Energy Group has been shortlisted for four major energy awards. | Posted 15.08.2012

Recognition of excellence in work carried out with clients

News | 7 Aug 2012 BBC Radio 5 Wake Up To Money | Posted 07.08.2012

M&C featured on BBC Radio 5 Live’s ‘Wake Up To Money’ programme this morning, commenting on the investment announcements to be made today by Centrica, BP and others at the energy summit being held at the British Business Embassy in London as part of the Olympics business summits programme.

News | Despite weather M&C were hotter in July | Posted 03.08.2012

From the Sunday Times to the Sun and from the BBC to Montel - M&C in hot demand

News | BBC ask M&C to comment on OFGEM v. National Grid row | Posted 16.07.2012

M&C 's David Hunter discusses on BBC Radio 5 Live

News | M&C popular with the BBC | Posted 28.06.2012

David Hunter on BBC Radio and Television

Events | Free Seminar, Tuesday 17th July 2012, Manchester: Sustainability, CCAs, Energy Procurement and Water | Posted 25.06.2012

A free seminar in Manchester on 17th July 2012 for Energy Buyers and Energy & Water consuming organisations.

News | EMR Bill would require 16 new power stations! | Posted 07.06.2012

M&C Product Manager Adam Piggot calculates the real cost of investment for EMR to be achieved.

News | Inevitable we will pay more for energy | Posted 23.05.2012

M&C's David Hunter comments on the impact of the draft bill on consumers

News | Some cheer at petrol pumps | Posted 14.05.2012

Falling oil price to bring some relief for motorists at the pumps

News | M&C acquired by Schneider Electric | Posted 04.05.2012

Announcements to markets made this morning.

News | M&C get glowing report at Northern Ireland Enterprise Committee meeting | Posted 27.04.2012

MNI CEO Bryan Gray explains why they chose M&C for key report

Events | “Energy Challenges - For Europe And The UK” - Free Webinar on Friday 25th May 2012 | Posted 27.04.2012

"Energy Challenges - For Europe And The UK" - Free Webinar: Expert industry speakers in this free webinar will address the real issues caused by energy volatility and regulation across Europe.

Events | “The Green Agenda - Help Or Hindrance” Free Webinar on Thursday 31st May 2012 | Posted 25.04.2012

How successful organisations manage energy to their own advantage.

News | Triple whammy of M&C at the BBC | Posted 20.04.2012

Analyst David Hunter appears on TV and radio to comment on renewables and petrol prices.

News | Premium for Scottish renewables to connect to National Grid? | Posted 19.04.2012

Analyst David Hunter on BBC TV Politics Scotland programme

Events | Dispelling The Myth Around Energy Buying: Free Webinar On 8th March 2012 | Posted 11.04.2012

M&C's Chief Exec Mark Dickinson was interviewed about energy purchasing by Sumit Bose of Energy Live News, facing questions from a live audience. Hear the full interview here.

News | Busy time with media for M&C | Posted 04.04.2012

From leaking gas platforms to carbon capture and storage, the media want to ask us at M&C for comment.

News | Carbon concerns left behind when energy costs rise | Posted 27.01.2012

Forget Carbon and legislation; cost is everything.

Events | E-world Energy & Water - 7-9 February 2012 | Posted 17.01.2012

E-world is Europe‘s leading trade show for the energy and water industry. On 41,000 square metres, over 500 exhibitors from the energy and water industries in 20 countries will present their company and services to around 19,500 trade visitors from over 40 countries.

Events | London Seminar - 21 February 2012 | Posted 17.01.2012

M&C Energy Group will be holding a seminar on 21st February 2012 in London titled Value at Risk: Energy Procurement, Carbon, Water and Fuels There have been some big changes in the UK utilities sector with the rise in price being the most prominent, and with rumours that electricity prices could double by 2050 it all seems a bit ‘doom and gloom’.

Events | Glasgow Seminar - 16 February 2012 | Posted 12.01.2012

M&C Energy Group will be holding a seminar on 16th February 2012 in Glasgow titled Value at Risk: Energy Procurement, Carbon, Water and Fuels There have been some big changes in the UK utilities sector with the rise in price being the most prominent, and with rumours that electricity prices could double by 2050 it all seems a bit ‘doom and gloom’.

Events | Webinar: Opportunities in the Carbon Economy | Posted 12.01.2012

During this webinar, held on January 26th 2012, three of M&C Energy Group’s experts explained how you can realise the benefits of the Carbon Economy for your own organisation.

News | M&C say EdF price cut doesn’t go far enough | Posted 11.01.2012

Gas price could be set lower if power companies wanted

Blog | EU Directive may be opportunity for the NHS | Posted 21.12.2011

EU proposals to get countries to cut energy consumption do not have to be punitive to the NHS.

Blog | Canada & Kyoto - cynical, political, commercial, and economic opportunism. | Posted 14.12.2011

M&C call for clear, coherent and cohesive global carbon policy.

News | M&C open new offices in new markets | Posted 12.12.2011

New offices for US, Australia and New Zealand strengthen M&C's global footprint.

Blog | Carbon reduction versus “viciously more expensive” energy | Posted 17.11.2011

In a week where the need for continuous energy provision clashed with the drive for cleaner and cheaper energy, M&C Energy Group analyst David Hunter, discusses the complex dilemmas that governments and energy producers now have to address.

News | BBC Coverage for M&C Energy Group | Posted 31.10.2011

M&C were interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Shelagh Fogarty programme on Monday afternoon following Npower’s £2 million fine from OFGEM for customer complaint issues.

News | New website features M&C | Posted 19.10.2011

M&C Energy Group explains how to get the most from your energy budget.

News | BBC Coverage for M&C | Posted 14.10.2011

Our comments about OFGEM’s announcement about domestic energy suppliers’ profit increases were aired on Radio 5Live’s Nicky Campbell programme this morning.

News | Financial Times | Posted 12.10.2011

M&C Energy Group’s David Hunter was asked to comment on an article which appeared in the Financial Times.

News | Miliband promises action on energy prices | Posted 28.09.2011

M&C Energy Group's David Hunter asked to comment in the Financial Times about Miliband's promise to take action on energy prices.

News | Carbon price support necessary but not windfall for nuclear | Posted 27.09.2011

Carbon price support is necessary but should not be a windfall benefit to nuclear companies, comments M&C Energy Group's David Hunter.

News | SSE withdrawal from NuGen Nuclear consortium | Posted 27.09.2011

M&C Energy Group's David Hunter comments to Montel on SSE's withdrawal from the NuGen nuclear consortium

News | M&C Energy Group feature in Bangkok Post | Posted 27.09.2011

Brian Morris, managing director of M&C Energy Group Australia, says large Thai companies investing in Australia could face an impact from rising electricity costs and new carbon regulations.

News | M&C media coverage during August | Posted 15.09.2011

A summary of M&C in the media in August

News | M&C feature in FT articles | Posted 15.09.2011

M&C Energy Group asked for comment in FT articles.

News | M&C Energy Group at The Energy Event 2011 | Posted 12.09.2011

M&C Energy Group are at The Energy Event at the NEC on 13th and 14th September 2011. Come and see us at the UK's leading exhibition for energy professionals.

News | M&C Energy Group on BBC News | Posted 02.09.2011

M&C Energy Group comment on a new survey carried out by M&C and Scottish Engineering that indicates Scotland's manufacturing sector is still resilient.

Blog | Global Energy Conference 2011 Highlights | Posted 26.07.2011

Video highlights of the 2011 Global Energy Conference, held in Munich by M&C Energy Group.

News | M&C Global Energy Conference Proves A Hit With Clients | Posted 26.07.2011

M&C Energy Group clients give candid feedback on our 2011 Global Energy Conference in Munich.

News | M&C Energy Group Expands into North America | Posted 08.06.2011

International consultancy M&C Energy Group (M&C) has taken its first step into the lucrative US energy market by appointing energy procurement expert, Trip Garner, to spearhead the company’s North American expansion.

News | Engineering Sector Bucks the Economic Trend | Posted 07.06.2011

The engineering manufacturing sector in Scotland is maintaining a healthy set of figures for the fifth consecutive quarter, according the Quarterly Review published by Scottish Engineering and M&C Energy.

Blog | Fuel Price Rises – What can we do? | Posted 05.05.2011

Comment from George Potter, Analyst at M&C Energy Group, about the rising fuel prices in the UK

News | ‘Feed in’ tariff scheme | Posted 29.03.2011

Set up to encourage homes and small businesses to install solar panels or wind turbines, the ‘Feed in’ tariff scheme is expected to become popular, especially as energy prices continue to rise.

News | Energy & Climate Change Select Committee | Posted 29.03.2011

M&C Energy Group, one of the UK’s largest purchasers of energy, comments on topics discussed at today’s Select Committee on electricity market reform.

News | Brent crude oil hits $100 a barrel | Posted 29.03.2011

The price of Brent crude oil has hit $100 a barrel for the first time since October 2008 on concerns about the political unrest in Egypt.

News | Strengthened management team at M&C | Posted 28.03.2011

M&C Energy Group has announced a strengthening of the management structure to capitalise on significant market opportunities resulting from fluctuating energy prices, complex environmental legislation and changing dynamics in global energy markets.

Carbon Report | Carbon Report: Chris Davenport | Posted 25.03.2011

Chris Davenport, M&C Energy Group Director, gives an update on key energy issues.

Blog | Solving Huhne’s ‘Trilemma’ | Posted 15.03.2011

It is hard to envy Chris Huhne and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) these days.

Carbon Report | Carbon Report: Simon Northrop | Posted 10.03.2011

Simon Northrop, M&C Energy Group CEO, talks about key energy issues.